Our List of Camp Do's and Don'ts

We have listened to camp directors and have some do’s and don’ts when your children go to camp.


  • Receiving mail is very important – consider sending a letter and/or package to arrive within the first few days of camp
  • Trust that homesickness is almost always short-lived
  • Storage space is at a premium at camp –unique hanging units and shower caddies can make organization easy and fun
  • Bonding with cabin mates often happens during rest hour- games, cards, comics, crafts and activity books can facilitate fun for all
  • Free time can be more enjoyable with outdoor sports equipment such as footballs, paddle sets, hackey sacks and frisbees
  • Remember to protect your camper from the heat – do send sunscreen, hat, mini fan and water bottle
  • Label everything!  We love Mabel’s Labels camp pack! 


  • Avoid sending food to your camper – many campers have severe allergies and food attracts animals into cabins and tents
  • Don’t be disappointed if you don’t receive long letter from camp– your camper is having too much fun! However, including playful stationery and pens may encourage them to write!
  • Don’t forget personal grooming is still essential at camp – make sure your camper is equipped with nail clippers, brush and lip protection


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