Our youngest will be going to camp for the first time this summer.  Although I will miss her like crazy, I know in my heart that she will benefit in so many ways, gain tremendous confidence and have so much fun.  Although part of me would like not to even think about the two weeks when I will feel like I am missing a part of myself, I am trying to remember the importance of preparing her mentally during these cold winter months.  Here is some advice when preparing your child to go to camp for the first time:


  • BE HONEST WHEN YOUR CHILD ASKS ABOUT HOMESICKNESS - Tell her that most kids love camp and want to go summer after summer.  Explain that it is also very normal to miss home and family occasionally, but that usually it doesn't last very long.  Tell her that she will be so busy having so much fun that she may even forget that she was ever homesick!  Also, remind her that camps hire the best counsellors that are there to help her anytime - day or night!
  • TALK ABOUT CAMP DURING THE DAYTIME kids are tired or vulnerable at bedtime after a long day of school and activities.  Saying things like, "boy, I'm sure going to miss tucking you in every night at camp" not helpful!!!  Save the camp talk for the day light hours!  For example, if she doesn't like the fruit offered for breakfast, remind her how fun it will be to make her own food choices at camp!  When choosing a new rain coat, remind her how great it will be when it rains one day at camp.  It is wonderful to talk up camp in the winter months, but keep it during the daytime!
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Muskoka Woods shares Parcelled with Love care package service with their families!

A huge thank you Muskoka Woods for sharing our care package service in their "Welcome to Camp" email blast!  


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Oconto Shares Parcelled with Love Camp Care Packages with their Families


Thank you so much to Lisa and Camp Oconto for sharing our on-line care package service with your families this summer! We have sent lots of packages already and hoping they have put a smile on many faces!


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SavvyMom Features Parcelled with Love in Savvy Guide to July!

Thank you to Christine R and SavvyMom for featuring us in today's Savvy Guide to July! 


Parcelled with Love

Why? Because if you've got a kid going to sleepover camp this summer, you're going to want to send a care package, and the clever moms behind this Canadian company have sourced all kinds of unique stuff we'd never think of ourselves. Choose from ready-made care packages in fun themes like the Little Rascals Pack (think whoopee cushion, an Archie comic, glow-in-the-dark glasses and more), or build your own with a variety of toys, creature comforts and novelty items. This is sure to make you popular with the whole cabin.








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Wabikon Shares our Camp Care Package Service with their Families!

Check out the 2015 Wabikon Parent Guide this year!  We are so excited to be mentioned on pages 11 and 19 this year!  Thank you Wabikon - we are looking forward to putting a smile on lots of campers' faces this summer!

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Our List of Camp Do's and Don'ts

We have listened to camp directors and have some do’s and don’ts when your children go to camp.


  • Receiving mail is very important – consider sending a letter and/or package to arrive within the first few days of camp
  • Trust that homesickness is almost always short-lived
  • Storage space is at a premium at camp –unique hanging units and shower caddies can make organization easy and fun
  • Bonding with cabin mates often happens during rest hour- games, cards, comics, crafts and activity books can facilitate fun for all
  • Free time can be more enjoyable with outdoor sports equipment such as footballs, paddle sets, hackey sacks and frisbees
  • Remember to protect your camper from the heat – do send sunscreen, hat, mini fan and water bottle
  • Label everything!  We love Mabel’s Labels camp pack! 


  • Avoid sending food to your camper – many campers have severe allergies and food attracts animals into cabins and tents
  • Don’t be disappointed if you don’t receive long letter from camp– your camper is having too much fun! However, including playful stationery and pens may encourage them to write!
  • Don’t forget personal grooming is still essential at camp – make sure your camper is equipped with nail clippers, brush and lip protection


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Summer Camp Essentials for the Prepared Camper!

Thank you Sonya at UrbanMoms for featuring us in your Summer Camp Essentials for the Prepared Camper!

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Tamakwa Features Parcelled with Love Camp Care Packages in email to Families

Looking for a flat, bendable, food free Tamakwa- approved care package this summer!! Look no further!  We were so excited to be mentioned in an email blast to Tamakwa families this spring!  

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New Ready to Go Care Packages Coming Summer 2015.....

Extreme Sports Package - One of the many new Ready to Go Packages created to make it easy to send your camper a package this summer!

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Parcelled with Love Gives Back to Amici Camping Charity!

We were so happy to meet with Kate, Tory and Christine from Amici this month!  We presented Amici with a cheque which will send a child from a low-income family to camp next summer.  We happily donated a portion of every care package sold to this worth while cause. Thank you to everyone who used our care package service this summer!  Because of you, we are able to give back and make a difference.

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24 Summer Camp Essentials... and Parcelled with Love is one!

We're so thrilled to be mentioned in SavvyMom - the site that moms across Canada rely on for helpful and trusted advice. Hailed as one of the 24 Summer Camp Essentials, you won't want to miss reading this story. From recommendations on flashlights to life jackets, duct tape to sunscreen, SavvyMom has got your kids camp needs covered this summer! Our care packages were tested by Alison R. who says "...treating your overnighter to a special camp care package might be the easiest pre-camp activity yet thanks to the brilliant mom-minds behind Parcelled with Love." 
Check out the full-site at SavvyMom

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UrbanMoms features Parcelled with Love!



Parcelled with Love Inc. is so proud to be featured in an article written by Sonya Davidson in UrbanMoms!  Posted on June 17th in the "Summer Camp and Cottage Essentials" section of the popular blog site, Davidson finds both the Ready-to-Go and the Build-your-Own packages all at "reasonable price points."


Check out full Blog at urbanmoms



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Parcelled with Love featured in 4Mothers1Blog!


We are thrilled to be featured in 4Mothers1Blog!  It was so wonderful getting to know Beth-Anne.  We so appreciate her kind and encouraging words regarding our journey and our new business adventure!  You can check out the full blog at 4mothers1blog

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Nicola's Tri - Kids Triathlon with a Wonderful Cause



"Nicola's Tri for Kids is held in memory of Nicola Anne Tullio.  Like too many other children, Nicola's future was interrupted by marrow failure.  All proceeds from this event will go to the Sick Kids Foundation research to cure marrow failure and myelodysplasia."


With the focus on completion and not competition, it is wonderful and heart-warming to watch over 800 children participate in this event.  Year after year, I find myself full of emotions including pride and a happiness watching  kids ages 3 - 16 giving it their all in the pool, the bike and on the run!  This event is one of hope.  Watching our children learning the joy of making a positive difference in the world is what Nicola's Tri is all about. 


Congratulations on another successful event we were proud to be a part of.  For more information, visit Nicola'sTri



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Parcelled with Love Inc. Appears in Camp Handbooks!

We are excited to say that Parcelled with Love Inc. has been mentioned in both Onondaga email and Kandalore 2014 Camp Handbook!  The countdown to summer is on!


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We are live and open for business!

We are excited to finally launch Parcelled with Love Inc.! Just in time for summer, we'll make it easy for you purchase and send care packages to your children at overnight camp.  Take a look at our may even want to show your camper in advance to see which items catch their eye!! 




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